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January Seminar Survey


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Hello all,


The executive and members have been looking at the January seminar from all angles, and have decided that we should re-evaluate the January Seminar. A survey has been created for everyone to voice their opinions. There is an introduction to read and opportunity for everyone to write their open, honest, and constructive feedback. We would ask that everyone please remain respectful when providing answers.


Thank you in advance for your participation! We want to see where this event can go.


You can find the survey here.


Edit: Can everyone that hasn't responded to the survey please do so before Sunday at midnight? Thank you to those that already provided their insight!

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Having attended the semiinars for several years and now, living in Victoria, have no access to such seminars, I strongly recommend that you continue holding them. 'Yes, you may have to get creative about getting presenters, but the information they provide to fly fishers, new and experienced, is invaluable.

Regardless of the better weather i Victoria, there are few freshwater fishing opportunities in the area in January. For example, this year the Cowichan was inaccessible due to heavy snow and many local lakes were ice covered. The Victoria boat show doesn't happen for a month or more. Thus there's little opportunity to go fresh water fishing in January, Also, while ther is beach fishing in places, Saltwater fishing at this time of year has been sporadic, largely due to high winds and rough seas.

I really miss the chance provided by the January Seminars of get together with fellow fly fishers and learn from knowledgable presenters. Travel to Edmonton is a bit too costly just to go for the semmars though. For Edmonton and area folfk, that's not the case.

As far as details are concerned. I think two days with two presenters is a good format. Having one presenter flown in and one more local to Alberta and area is also a good idea, You may end up with duplication over the space of a year or three, but that shouldn't be a problem, as most presenters change their stuff over time, and sometimes its nice have a presenter whom you've seen often enough to develop a friendship with. A mink of fishing technique, fly tying travel.presentation is nota bd fromat either, It certainly whets your appetite adn gets teh juices flowing in a doldrums time of year.


Unfortunately Victoria doesn't have the population to support such seminars, Otherwise I'd be lobbying the local clubs to take a hard look at the idea.

My $0.25 worth.


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