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Weds Feb 8Th Presentation


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Brian Greenwood is providing a presentation on Spey Casting with particular reference to the North Saskatchewan River. As background to the presentation you may be interested in Brian's outline below of the class he offers during the summer. If you're a club member please invite anyone you think might be interested; if not a member come anyway, check out the club, have a coffee and get to know us (no obligation!)

Trout Spey Class

Purpose: To grow the passion for “Trout Spey” fishing in the Alberta Community in a social environment of exploration, discovery, humility, mutual learning and fellowship. We seek to bring the communities of the Traditional Overhead Flycasters and those learning Spey together to appreciate and apply their respective strengths. By exploring the strengths and limitations of both Tradtional and Spey Flyfishing, we hope to open up extremely interesting waters throughout Alberta previously deemed unfishable or undesirable.

Objective: To introduce a group of curious individuals to the many Spey casts within the “Trout Spey” family and their myriad of applications in Alberta. We will begin with an overview of what “Spey” means and how we got its various expressions, move on through achievable steps and goals toward a functional grasp of the casts themselves, and then apply this unique Flycast to our own applications.

Cost: Demonstration, instruction, lecture, and coaching is all free. We do suggest you secure a Spey setup for the classes. We recommend:

  • 3 or 4 weight, 11’6” Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey Rod.
  • Reel to accommodate backing, 30# Lazar Running Line, a 225 grain Commando Head Flyline, a MOW type sink tip, a floating tip, and four feet of 1X tippet.
  • A variety of size 4 – 6 barbless wooly buggers and streamers.

This Trout Spey outfit is suited to utilizing your familiar single hand overhead cast where room allows. In crowded quarters where a backcast is not available to you, this outfit is especially suited to the single and two handed Spey casts you need to achieve distance and accuracy. The price is also right. One can spend thousands on an outfit they might not enjoy. This is the most reasonably priced setup for the curious – about $700.00.

With this gear you will equip yourself with the tools to perform the Single Spey, Double Spey, Kak Spey, Kiss and Go, Snap T, Reverse Snap T, Snake Roll, Perry Poke, and other water born anchor casts in a variety of settings where wind, river direction, water type, and other factors play into the equation of the fly presentation. Ultimately, we encourage creativity and trying new things – you set the limit on your skills.

If you are still skeptical and don’t want to spend the money before you even try this unfamiliar method of Flyfishing, I will share my own setup.

Time and Place: Emily Murphy Park under the Groat Bridge, Saturdays at 10:00.

Required Gear: Strongly suggest the Trout Spey outfit described above. Waders, sunglasses or other safety glasses (for eye protection), patience.

Instructor and Chief Learner: Brian Greenwood. Bio to follow. This class is not about me, it’s about you. I’ll share my story as it pertains to facilitating your learning and interest.

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