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The new executive met last Thursday around Karen’s kitchen table and started planning the year. A major topic was the annual seminar – the successes and disappointments of this year’s, whether to hold one next year, if so what, when and how. There were different opinions but consensus on the fact that we first need to determine what our purposes/goals are in holding this event and what it is that you would like to see offered. We’ll be trying to gather that information over the next few weeks before bringing a plan back to you for 2018. Meanwhile if you have any thoughts you’d like to share please let any of us know or post on here.


There are some interesting presentations in the works for the next four months and Bob is busy checking out more. More detail to come but pencil in Brian Greenwood and spey casting on the North Saskatchewan River for Feb 8th, hear from an expert outdoors photographer on Feb 22nd, Jason Doucette on competitive angling in northern Alberta on March 15 and then one of our old favourites, Craig Copeland, will be here from the Cold Lake Fish Hatchery on March 22nd. He’ll not only update us on the fish culture program in Alberta but I expect will provide some interesting insights into the workings of Fisheries Management.


The Boat and Sportsmen’s Show is coming up again on March 16 to 19 and we have two booths – one for the Lloyd Shea Fisheries Enhancement Fund bucket raffle and the other for our Kids (and others) Fly Tying booth. Please volunteer a half day or a full day to help out at either. We have some grant money to pay your parking and a meal allowance. One of our aims as a club is get kids and others interested in flyfishing and the outdoors and this is a great opportunity to help us further that goal. Let Michael Dell know your preferred time. We have a similar goal for an Open House on April 15th at which we’ll also try to encourage new club memberships. If you’d like to come by and show someone how to tie or caste a fly or simply to answer questions from those new to flyfishing you’d be most welcome.


You might want to put some money aside too. We’ve got a ‘fire sale’ coming up on March 1st – tying materials, books, not sure what else so will post more detail closer to the time.


Beginner fly fishing courses will be offered on April 29th and May 6th at the Queen Mary Park Hall by our resident experts, Rick Lang and Ross Chow. If you know anyone who might be interested in attending please encourage them to register asap. Cost will be minimal and include lunch.


And on an unrelated issue – the tiger trout that we fought so hard to get stocked in the province will once again not be protected under provincial fishing regulations for the upcoming season. There is a possibility that the feds will approve the addition of tigers to the list of Alberta sport fish by April 1st but they can’t guarantee it and so the Province won’t cover them in the regs. I believe that if the hatchery can find room (and that’s a problem given so many private hatcheries closed because of whirling disease) then the current stock will be held over till fall or maybe even Spring 2018. Many of us would rather see that than the slaughter that occurred this past year.


Hope you don’t mind the News being posted here rather than in the traditional ‘Broken Threads’ format but until I learn a few more skills this is all I’m capable of. Updates will be posted as they become available so keep checking the Forum.

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Many thanks for the update....we needed one. No problem at all Peter in posting the update in this location instead of in Broken Threads. The main thing is that we have an update no matter where in our site it's located.

Thank you


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