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Jan 2017 Seminar


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Well another yr. has com and gone for our Jan Seminar. Do to unforeseen circumstance George Danials wasn't able to make it. Landon Mayer graciously agreed to fill in for the fill program . George has agreed to come at a later date if we would like.


I want to thank Landon personally for a fantastic show. I also want to thank Landon on behalf of the entire club. Then I want to thank everyone that came out. From what I heard it was one of the best $65's. for 2 days they have spent. Again thank you all.


Then I want to thank everyone that donated prizes for the fish pull and the bucket raffle. I also want to thank all the volunteers, as always they did a great job.

Then last but not least thank you to Ken for his fantastic MCing and technical expertise.


Landon put on a Fantastic show. "It was total information over load." You know the show is good when you get a comment from Don Andersen saying, the show is good if you can come away with learning 1 thing new, but it's great when you come away learning 3 or 4 new things, which he did. That was only the first day.


It was a small crowd but a great time was had by all.


Hopefully we will see all next yr.


Dennis S

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