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These types of awards mean nothing to people in our neck of the woods. But in Europe it is a huge deal to finish well in a competition. It give the tier a acid test on where he is in there flytying and is a huge deal in Europe to be qualified and recognized by your peers and judges. We will see if we can do better next year. It also had my Facebook page go crazy with invites to new friends that are extremely accomplished fly tiers that also competed in this competition. This competition is the second longest running competition in Europe. It is recognized by tiers from all around the world as being a superb venue. I was very grateful to make all these new friend in flytying as it opened up a world of new resources and fly tiers that I can converse with directly via Skype or messenger and talk about interesting procedures and techniques. The real rewards are the people you get to meet through competition not the medals.



And then there is always something else that comes along and is a surprise as well. I was told it is the first Gold Medal offered into Canada, not sure if that is true. But the German EWF show is one of the largest shows in all of Europe that is strictly a flyfishing show. Many of Europes best tiers show up here at there tiers row. It is both a privaledge and an honor to be able to sit at that table. Maybe one day I will be able to dine there with them.....my dream and wishful thinking.



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