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January Agenda


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Jan 4th No business meeting due to AGM Jan 18. Dennis S. will demo using the Yvon Chouniard's collaring method

Pheasant Tail & Partridge (3x long hook, tail pheasant tail fibers, rib copper wire, body pheasant tail fibers, thorax peacock dubbing, hackle Partridge

Tup's Indispensable Nymph( 2 or 3 xlong hook, tail ginger hen hackle fibers, body primrose yellow buttonhole twist, thorax special blend of yellow & claret seal

just a note this is note the original blend, hackle undersized dun hen hackle.)

Jan 11 BRING YOUR VISE NIGHT Mike Dell will discuss beads at his table, Terry Dyck again will do something at his table, Ross Chow will show his way of doing his articulated bunny leech again, I will do simple dubbing loop and show the use of the Magic Tool

Jan 18 AGM we need at least 20 members for Quorum. All Executive positions are open. All voting members must be paid up members. If you can not be there you can submit your poxy vote with voting instructions with a trusted member. Proxy's can be picked up at the club on request.

Jan 25 We have a treat tonight Josh Gelinas a fishing guide(Fly Fishing) on Great Bear Lake & The Tree River in the NWT. He will talk on Fly fishing these bodies of water.

Jan 21, 22 Our big Jan Seminar with George Daniel and Landon Mayer. See you all there

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