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Merry Christmas " Cutthroat "


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post-307-0-52977000-1482613363_thumb.jpgMerry Christmas Everybody !

I caught some nice's Cutty's at " Horne Lake " Hope your all tying fly's this Christmas ,


FlyRod .post-307-0-64981000-1482613261_thumb.jpg

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Yes I'm getting out some , every time the weather permit's . Here in Nanaimo BC , it's only been

very cold a couple of week's at a temperature " - 0 " bur bur , He He . I love it no snow and at

Christmas we had just a 1mm but the rain makes up for it . The COHO fishing was done before it

got started , I'm trying to get uses to the wet condition so is the " Dog " . There is a couple of Fly

Fishing club's out here , which I have joined . So now it's time to get to know the " Island Fisher "

If it's +8 degree's out and wind's are down with little rain it's time to go fishing " Stream's for

" Steelhead " winter run or lake fishing with the Jon Boat ? My " Switch Rod " is hard to get uses to .

So like Dennis I'm tying lot's of Fly's for " Steelhead " & " Still Water's " . I have had the opportunity

to go " Steelhead Fishing with " Garry Fisher " which some of you may know . I never hook in to a fish

but " Garry " did ! What a great day on a " River " I can't give name to but I will post a couple of "Picture's ".


I hope you all a " Happy New Year " and keep tying I'll post some new fly's in " At the Bench "

so stay safe ,

Cheer's FlyRod .

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