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Retired Back To Vancouver Island .


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Well hello everyone , I hope you all had lot's of fun this summer .

Well I'm the big " 60 " this year so I pulled my pension and with my

Wife and I decided to head back to " Vancouver Island " in " Nanaimo BC .

We also sold are " Home in Alberta " it was a quick possession .

So I had no time to even say " Good Bye to all my Friend's at

the " Club " . I have to say that I will dearly miss the crazy time's

that we shared together and all so the great tying and story's plus

some of the outing's & BBQ . I think that I'll keep my " Member ship "

and I can post some of the great Fishing the Island has to offer so

you can keep in touch with me . If any one come's out this way .




Take care for now ,

FlyRod & Val Boisvert ,Teddy .


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Welcome back to The Island.

Nanaimo's only an hour and a bit away from Victoria. (If Malahat traffic is light).

So we should be able to get together now and again for a fish.

Send me a pm with your new address, phone # and e-mail


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Wow ,Thank You everyone . I just got hooked up to the " Telus " what a time .

I just " Rigged - up "for COHO and bought a " New Beulah " 6 - weight " Switch Rod " and Reel ,

from " Nile Creek Flyshop " Let me say that " Courtney " that owns the shop is awesome and

so is his staff just treat you right and know what they are talking about . So after purchasing

a new line and some fly's I was going fishing for COHO . My first " River was the " Little Qualicum River "

Well when I got to the " River " I noticed a lot of people fishing near the Island Bridge , So I made my way up

to the next pool . OK no buddy around good . So I look in to the pool and " Folks you wouldn't believe me

but there in the big pool was big " Spring"s and Big COHO " well after getting over the shivers , I casted a # 6

Hook with Dumbbell Eye's and Orange and White polar hair and bang a " Spring " took the line and Zip gone broke

off everything except the fly line . still shacking in my boot's , I said to myself I need a bigger Rod .

I watch a guy beside me blow his 6 weight " Sage " so I pulled out and headed back to " Nile Creek fly shop "

and said to " Courtney" I need a bigger Rod so with out giving me a hard time He loaded me up with a 8 - weight " Beulah "

Switch Rod & N/C fly reel and line . Now I'm ready for the " Big One's " He He ,

I'll be going to " French Creek Bay " Tomorrow ,

Stay tuned ,

FlyRod .


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