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Stream Obstruction


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I was at my new favourite grayling stream (not one that is very well known) last week and was disappointed to find a major blowdown has occured a couple of kilometers up from the access point. I think there is a good chance that this is impeding upstream migration for the grayling and thus potentially hampering spawning. Based on the size of the trees I think it's going to be there for a while.


Is it worth contacting the provincial fisheries people (not sure what department to contact) to let them know about this or are they unlikely to do anything? I hadn't been to this stream for a number of years because during my last trip beavers had dammed up some of the best areas of the stream to fish. However there were no signs of beavers around and the former dams were all gone. The fishing was great - many grayling and even caught a couple of athabows.



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There is a major logjam on Dismal Creek as well. It has been there for many years. We know that fish can get through, but the full implication is not really known. It is unlikely that aep would do anything, but transportation or County might be interested if it presents a hazard to a bridge or go there threat.

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