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Fly Fishing Open House June 11


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Northern Lights Fly Fishers/TUC EDM. are hosting first time Open house everything Fly Fishing & Tying. " young & old. Admission Free". 20 min talks on, How to get started, where to go, Fly Fishing alternative species. Fishing the North Sask. River. Casting out side weather permitting. We will also have an aquatic bug table. Come tye a fly at one of the tying tables.

Come out with your questions I'm sure there will be some one there to answer it.

Hot dogs will be sold proceeds to go to the Lloyd Shea Conservation Fund.



Saturday June 11 9:30AM TO 4:30PM


Still looking for helpers let me know if you can at the next couple of meetings.


Dennis S

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You might want to put a date in the post itself. *



Wish I was there to help out. This sounds like a great idea.

Where are you advertising?

Cabellas, Fishin' Hole, Wholesale Sports?

Possibly camping and boat sales places like Martin Equipment, Riverside, Totem Outdoors, Campers Village, etc

You also might try the "events" section of community newspapers and the "coffee news"



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Hi Dennis and everybody,

I will attend and set up a ``where to go for for trout fishing information`` table. I will have my computer. My theme will be ``Join NLFF and look at the information that is available to you``

To all attendees - please come see what I have.

Tight lines,


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