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Bamboo Rod Raffle


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Vince , guess what ? I just got a call from " Dave Towers " He in formed me that I have just won ! The

" Bamboo FlyRod " Excuse me but - Right On ! Oh Ya Baby ! Totally Awesome man ! Haba Haba !

As they say in cowboy country Yeah Ha Ha !

FlyRod .

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Thank You Vince , I put a Five Weight Reel - STH - on it and loaded it up took out side .

I have to say that it cast just awesome , I send " Don Anderson " an

E - mail letting him know that he does amazing job on his Rod's .

What a gift to follow your " Dreams " I also thanked him for the Rod .

I also would like to thank " Dave Towers " for selling a very hard Raffle .

See you at the next meeting ,



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I know , I fish Star Lake today - check " At The Bench " on our

Web - Site " Green Dragon Of The North was very successful .

Fish - On ! , FlyRod .

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