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2016 Grayling Project


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The 2016 Grayling project is underway!


Activities planned:

  • Support AEP recovery rest period.
  • Continue with temperature monitoring program.
  • Track tagged fish (previously tagged with PIT tags in 2013 – 2015) in Dismal Creek using stationary PIT-tag arrays across the channel.
  • Aerial videography of sites providing key habitat functions and with restoration opportunities, using a camera-fitted quadcopter.


The temperature monitors will be launched within the next few weeks. We'd like to wait a bit to see what water levels are going to be like.


The first PIT tag array was deployed yesterday. We want to detect fish (that were fitted with PIT tags last year) as they move upstream to spawn. Water temperature was close to 1 degree and the channel was mostly clear with occasional chunks of ice drifting down.


The antenna spans the full width of the stream and there is a data logger that records the PIT tag serial number, date and time as the fish pass through.









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Curious, was the data collection done by our group; was it helpful / used in any way in assisting the ESRD in their decision making? Was this project used as a snapshot for the watershed and provided the basis to make the decision for the rest and recovery period?


Was just wondering.



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We've been working closely with AEP (ESRD) on this project.

  • Project coordination and planning meetings
  • Exchange of all data that has been collected (temperature, angling location, etc)
  • AEP and the club have each deployed 50% of the temperature probes each year
  • AEP has assisted with data validation and analysis
  • We've submitted our data for inclusion in the FWMIS database.

With respect to the recovery rest period, we had Dave Park out to one of our meetings in March last year where he introduced us to the idea and gathered some feedback from club members. Many options were discussed, which included closing portions of the study area as well as some other related activities related to the watershed. We didn't know what elements would be finally implemented until we read about it in the regulations.

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