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Dragon Troller

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Hi All,


Long time no see, I am thinking about joining NLFF again, and as well the Edmonton Trout Club. I was wondering if anyone here knows what the turn outs are like for the meetings for either club. Its been along time since I attended the NLFF meetings and I have never been a member of the Trout Club so I really have no info about it.


I'm thinking about attending both this week and purchasing and renewing membership. But I don't even know if the trout club still meets and there is no agenda posted anywhere. I see that NLFF is still meeting.


Any info would be appreciated.





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Welcome back, Dragon. You picked a bad week to return to club meetings. Hope you enjoyed last night's Trout Club fiasco!! And tonight at Northern Lights is primarily a business meeting, though there will be time to shoot the breeze and watch a couple of tyers in action. Hope to see you there - would like to chat.


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I have also been considering getting back into things as far as memberships go. I have long been a TU member and now that my schedule is more flexible I should have more time for meetings and whatnot. However, the issue is also that because of work I can't really play favorites. If I join one I really need to join all and for now that doesn't seem right to me either.


I have never joined the ETC, solely based on some political issues and a somewhat stubborn stand I have taken and for reasons known only to me I don't feel I should back down on.


I'd be curious to know what the current state of the ETC is. I have folks ask me from time to time if they should join but I really don't know how its being run at the moment.


If anyone would care to enlighten me on that I would appreciate it. You can PM me if that would work best.


Cheers guys



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My sincere apologies folks but when Dennis approached me about doing a tying demo a month ago I selected April 20th. He said great but would be on holidays so someone from the club would contact me with directions and particulars and I heard from no one so figured there was a change of plans so I made plans to meet some folks at Swan Lake and will not be able to attend. My sincere apologies for the mix up.

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Hello John,


Thanks for letting us know. I apologise that we did not get back to you with directions and the particulars. Perhaps we can arrange to have you by another evening as our membership would love to see some of your work first hand.

Absolutely. Like I said to Dennis, a little notice is all I need.

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Okay people I have big shoulders Just got back from holidays and heard about the snafu. I have been in touch with John and explained it was totally my fault. I thought I had sent him the address but checking back I had forgot to. We are in the process of trying to schedule another date.

We will get John out for sure.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S

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