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A short while back TUC announced as follows:

"Our TUC newsletter, Currents, is being retired in favour of digital news. Starting in 2016 members will receive bi-monthly digital news reports straight to your email and members can keep up to date on breaking news with TUC’s Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. The first issue, called “News Stream”, will hit your inbox in February. News Stream will keep members up to date with the latest information, without the delay of print time. This significant reduction in paper and print will go a long way to helping TUC reduce its ecological footprint by saving over 25 million litres of Canada’s water per year. That is water conservation! "


My understanding is that as the discontinued TUC newsletter, Currents, used to be included in Fly Fusion magazine we will no longer be getting a complimentary copy of that magazine. I haven't received the new newsletter, News Stream in my inbox yet.

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