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I recently moved from Calgary to Edmonton and I'm looking forward to exploring some new creeks & rivers in the Edmonton area. I'm mostly a moving water guy however with so many stocked lakes being much closer than the closest trout stream I'll have to give still water a try.


I've been collecting the tools to build a bamboo rod and I wondering if any members are rod builders.


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Welcome to Edmonton....I fish lakes from time to time but I, like you, prefer moving water. Our club has quite a few members that fish lakes and I'm sure they would be more than willing to help you out.


All you have to do is come to our meetings and ask your lake questions........ I'm sure you'll get the correct answers.


What's your first name?


See you on club night.



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Hi Ray hope to see you out to the club. Yes we are closer to lakes up here but that said there are some pretty nice rivers and streams with-in a 2hr drive. I like you am a river fisher so hopefully we can talk at the club.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S

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