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Obed Mine Spill Info Attempt

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An update on Obed mine spill court appearance. Seems to be getting difficult to find easy info on this subject.

I first tried a google search. Best dated information is Oct. 2015 stating charges laid and first court appearance on Jan. 20, 2016.

Sent email to the AER, their response was : I took a look into our Compliance Dashboard, and the only indecent referring to Obed is in incidents and was from October 31, 2013. I don’t see any reference to January 20th in there, nor any additional documents under investigations or Compliance and Enforcement.


Sent email to ESRD. The response : This file has been transferred to the Alberta Energy Regulator, I have forwarded them your email over to them fore response. Someone should be in contact with you shortly with more information.


So now my request for information has circled back around to the AER with this reply : As I am unable to find your information in the compliance dashboard, as per the attached email. I believe your best bet to get this information would be through a FOIP Request.


I think I will try to contact a newspaper reporter. They get paid for this work and can expense account the costs.


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