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Salt Water Flys..


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Any suggestions for saltwater flies... Unfortunately the destination is unknown. As it's a surprise. I was just told to tie a variety of flies. Thus far I have one bone fish pattern and it appears to be a knarly minnow of some sort.



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Kristi some good Crab patterns would be a good start. I think one is a Crazy Charley??? Tight Line Always Dennis S

Thanks Dennis.. Yes I've got a crustacean pattern already.. But I'll look at crazy Charlie anyways-grasshoppa
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Patterns do depend on destination and target species.

You do have excellent local assistance though.

Talk to Rick Lang and Ross Chow. Both are saltwater experienced and good tyers.

That said, you can't go wrong with a couple of universal patterns.

No1 - Clouser minnow - Chatreuse over White with one strand of flash each side, epoxy head

West coast # 6 3xl tied sparse and add strand of flash each side - also blue over white and purple over white

Caribbean # 8 and #10 3xl tied heavier with flash and rubber legs - also orange and dark tan over white

No 2 - Bucktail - Chartreuse and white with lots of flash, big epoxy head with yellow and black eyes

West coast - #2 - 2" to 3" long with #2 stinger hook - troll 35 ft behind boat in prop wash

Carribean - 2/0 - 4" to 6" long with stinger - use wire leader and stinger wire - Barracuda have sharp teeth!!

Check out the Summer and Winter issues of Fly Tyer for shrimp , crab and surface patterns and coyote fur and clouser patterns

Rick and Ross can fill you in on Tarpon Toads, Lefty's Deceiver, pink things etc

Dave R

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Thanks Dave.. I will be tying a variety of salt water flys.. And have a great start so far..



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