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Need An "in"

Don Andersen

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As part of my effort to solicit people to get Section 263 of the Criminal Code of Canada "repaired" so that aeration can contineue at the ACA and other operated lakes, I have contacted my Town and County Officials who both operate sewage aeration systems. Further, I am dealing with the City of Calgary presently.

Now is there anyone that you know that could "carry the ball" to administration in the City of Edmonton.

Please let me know through my email account donandersen@bamboorods.ca






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Am on it re City of Edmonton. Would appreciate hearing of any water or sewage treatment operations around the city that use aeration to prevent freezing in the winter, especially any that aren't completely enclosed by fencing.

Meanwhile ACA has hired a lawyer to draft a possible amendment to the Criminal Code re holes in ice. When they have it we can start work on agitating for a legislative change to be made. Installation of bubble aeration systems and chain link fencing has started in the 8 lakes. I don't hold out much hope for Muir though as water is so low and happy salad growth high.

Spring Lake (Edmonton Beach) will continue to be aerated by surface aeration but by a private individual rather than by ACA.


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