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Dismal Creek Blitz #4 - The Final Episode


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Dismal Creek Blitz #4 - Sept 12
Prime fishing season is in full swing, and it's just over a week until our final Grayling Blitz of the year. It is very important for us to record the PIT tag numbers of re-captured fish this month. In August, one of our volunteers re-captured a grayling that had traveled approximately 35km downstream - and through the log jam. We suspect the fish will be staging in the lower sections of Dismal Creek and we'd like to recapture as many as possible!
We are planning our final Blitz for Saturday September 12. Our objective is to capture as many Arctic Grayling on Dismal Creek as possible. Teams will be paired up for PIT tagging and recording fish that have been tagged in the past. We will record data such as size and location for each fish caught as well as collection of fin clips.
  • There will be some difficult locations (such as the log jam) and some easy locations at bridge crossings.
  • Our club members may be joined by AEP biologists from Edson (and maybe some from Red Deer) for this event.
  • On Saturday, we’ll be meeting at the Tim Horton’s in Spruce Grove – the one by Canadian Tire and Staples on Highway 16A. We will meet at 7:45, distribute maps and radios and plan to leave at 8:00. (Come earlier for coffee or breakfast).
  • The club provides fuel cards for drivers on this trip.
Please let us know if you are available. We`ll establish some groups and prepare map kits ahead of time.
Ken Monk and Jim O'Neil
Northern Lights Fly Fishers / Trout Unlimited Edmonton
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The weather was great but the fishing was slow. Paul was successful (one was a nice 15.5"er with beautiful colors) and we managed to tag a few. None were caught that had previously been tagged.


On the trail down to the creek entrance we came across evidence of quite a number of holes dug up by a bruin(s) that had been grubbing for roots, etc. included were a few piles of grey scat the same color as the soil. Not many berries in the area so they have to eat something. We had the whistles blowing and the spray cans ready as we trucked on to the fishing holes.

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It was a beautiful day for fishing. Rick& I decided to Tenkara it for the day. I got to use my new and improved rod. We started out fishing dry flies but the fish just weren't looking up.

We switched to nymphs and actually hooked into a couple fish.


All tolled 4 & 1/2 fish caught. Rick caught 3 biggest 300mm which hadn't been caught or tagged before(it is tagged now) I caught a cookie cutter copy to Ricks 300mm in the same pool. It had not been tagged either, but is now. The half was a short arm release I had with a grayling that looked like another cookie cutter to the other 2 already caught. All these fish caught in the same pool.


We both lost a couple that our nymphs were bigger than the fish. I was using a size 14 Tenkara style hares ear and Rick a size 16 Evil Weevil.


The water was a balmy 52 degrees when we started (great for wet wading, Me) and 55 degrees when we left at 4pm.


We got back to the vehicle just in time. The weather was a changing quick. The Wind picked up big time and started raining when we pulled out for home.


Tight Lines always

Dennis S

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