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Red Deer Fishen


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Didn't make it to the Deer , weather looked ify. So Paul and I were off to Dismal , the fog rolled in and out getting to DC1 . We meet a couple of young lads on a quad on the trail down to the water and they asked a lot of questions on what to use , They appeared a bit uncertain of the regs , it was after 11 and they had a few drinks by now and our answers didn't seem to sink in.. They weren't ripping up the trail so that was good. Off to the creek , rigged up and tried the confluence , the Pembina was not as it was the first time we had come to this area. The deep holding hole was all filled in and no fish near by. We ventured up Dismal . There are many nice runs and deeper pools but as the first time no fish , at least , they were not taking our fly's. We tried many runs and pools upstream with no success . It took us over 2 hr's to fish upstream and 20 minutes to follow the tracks left by the quads ( used for many years ) . Down the Pembina we go to some deep pools we caught fish in last time out. No luck here , what the heck. 4 o'clock its time to head back home . Well the day was fun and we had hoped to either tag some new fish or mark some previously tagged but it didn't happen . Oh well still had a good day .

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