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Rock Lake Vacation


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Well where to start or maybe where not to start. Actually on the whole the 2wk trip to Rock Lake wasn't to bad. First yes Dan pictures were taken but as usual I need to figure how to get the pictures off the camera. When I do I will post a couple. No fish pictures as fish were to small for them to hold me up to take pictures. Fishing to me was great but to others maybe not. I didn't get out on the lake at all. I had my chances but decided to do more stream fishing instead.


I fished the Rock Creek/Wildhay. Try to be politically correct because the stream coming out of Rock Lake is called Rock Cr until the Wildhay connects a bit east of the Rock Lake Camp Ground.


Caught lots of both Rainbows and Athabasca Rainbows. I caught several very pretty rainbows with vivid black spots all over the whole fish. Like I said the fish were to small for them to hold me up to take pictures. Tan Fat Albert was the fly of choice with the tan Chernobyl & CFF a close second.


I took a day and went down stream to explore the Wildhay and was awarded with a great day of Grayling fishing. Most were over 11in and caught several in the 14+ inch range. They were very aggressive and fought very will. Several were out of the water more than in the water. Again here the Tan Fat Albert was the fly of choice.


To bad that the Wildhay is such a drive as this could be a very productive Grayling stream in the lower sections.


I did not do any fishing for Bulls got rained out. I was going to give the Sheep & Copton both have a rep for big bulls at this time of year. It was peeing down rain that day and I had 40km of gravel road to travel to get to these Creeks. I opp'ed out on that venture.


The big surprise was the Rock Lake Lodge it was a great place. They had a restaurant & lounge that was opened to the public from 7am to 10pm They had great food and everyone was very friendly. If your out that way by all means stop in say Hi. Wild TV are the owners and they have done a great job on the lodge.

Nick(Manager) was great and was full of info on the area and is still learning. He is just getting into fly fishing and so I did give him a few flies to top up his supply.


They will be out to Stoney Plain this weekend to the Wild Outdoor show. I hope to make it out to see him there.


It was still a typical Southwick camping trip if something could go wrong it did. As usual we spent our normal $150. for a new battery. Again had a pooched battery just can not stop them from crapping out each year. I think new trailer maybe in the star for next year???????


The real fun came when we were getting ready to leave. It was peeing down rain and the dam awning would not roll up. It took over an hr. I finally got it rolled up enough that I could tie it down so it would blow away. Both Brenda and I were like 2 drowned rats.


Finally got out to Hinton stopped to flush out the Gray & Black water and I was in such a hurry to get a bite to eat that I left the door to the storage open in the front of the trailer and it jammed in between the trailer and the truck tail gate and bent the door all to hell. So as I said time for a new Trailer???????


Camping with the Southwick's can be an adventure.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S





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