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Fishing South Of Edson


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Irene and I are planning a trip Aug 7th south of Edson along the trunk . Fishen the pits and maybe the upper Pembina River. Camping at Fairfax or random by the Pembina pending the weather and availability. The pits are a hike in , from a short 100 yards to 3Km's so you will need to pack in you floating craft. The trail's are mostly flat with some trees at the side. Griz in the area as always , so best bring spray and noise makers . Let me know if you coming so we can keep an eye out for you. We will be leaving Thursday late afternoon .

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North to Athabasca , North the rush is on... Way up north, way up north.

North to Athabasca , North the fish were on.

Irene and I tried a new camp/fishen trip . More Edmontonians up there then I expected. Fish were small but aggressive . Kicked my arse around the Chain , got chased by beavers , watched Osprey eat Alot of little fish , a Bald Eagle scoop up a dead fish , a black bear from a distance and some wonderful weather. Forgot about the meteor shower or the northern lights . Issues with my computer, so I will post pictures later if I remember , old timers , you know...... :dar:...

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Made it out last weekend to the pits. Thursday evening on the way to Fairfax it rained buckets, fortunately it stopped raining by the time the pavement ended , the trailer wasn't a large mud ball . We setup camp , had supper and it started to drizzle. It rained all night and through the morning . We finally hit the lake in the afternoon , caught some stockers and a few up to 19 ( Paul's the Man ) . Saturday it was off to Silkstone , as we drove west from Fairfax we saw the mountains " All White !" ......It snowed quite a bit . The last time we fished Silk , the fish were hammering the fly's just when we needed to leave. Hoping for the same , we where eager to get fishing. As usual we hit pit 24 first and the same results as the previous times. So off to where the fish are , Silky.... It didn't disappoint , we didn't get the hatch at the end of the day as we hoped ( we planed to stay later ) Paul had the big day again. We took a break and checked out Lovette without the float tubes . We didn't see any Bear track but there was a few wolves out after the rain . Great hike in , fun fishing and a tiring hike back ( just the 7 km's , not 100kms as the young fella's had. ) Sunday we fished Fairfax and it was a tough one for everyone out on the water. Back to the city and a long week of work........Windows 10 , can't do anything I used to ,,, Dam

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