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Mike Smith Needs Help (Casting Instructors) June 11


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Hi guys:


First - Ken, I have a radio that I accidentally kept from the Grayling outing last week.


Secondly, I need some help teaching kids to cast and fly-fish on Thursday, June 11, in the afternoon. Approximate time is 1pm to 3pm.


This year I am teaching in St. Albert, so I was thinking of taking them to Cardiff pond. (Any other suggestions are more than welcome!)


If you're willing to help, please email or text me directly asap. I am looking for 3-4 people to help. Also if you have a spare rod and reel that would be great, but entirely optional. It would have to be an old outfit you don't care about, because I'm fairly sure the school board won't accept liability.


But don't worry about the equipment, I just need the warm bodies to help instruct. :)


Thank-you so much!


Mike Smith



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