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Clearwater Round 2


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Got myself up out of bed nice and early to make another attempt at conquering the Mighty Clearwater. I figured I didn't need much to make this better than the last trip out. I figured it would be a great day if I could just remember my net. I didn't set the sights to high. Made it out by 9:15. No one was at the big run by the bridge, great. Got all wader up and double checked to make sure the net was attached sure enough it was there. It was going to be a great day.


Then came the time to decide what flies to take with me couldn't make my mind up so took them all. Vince you would be proud of me. 9 fly boxes later I was satisfied.

I was just putting the finishing touches together when a couple of guys came from up stream a plopped themselves right in the Bridge Run. Well there went that spot.


I headed up stream again hitting the first fishable runs. First cast sure enough wham hooked up on a big piece of Canadiana(log) Crap. Had to re-rig up again. Pulling out another egg sucking leech. Made a couple more cast Wham again. Kiss another Leech good bye. I already started to decide that this wasn't going to be a good day on the old fly box. My supply of 6 egg sucking leeches was starting to look somewhat depleted and I had only been on the stream for half hour tops.


So this time I puts on a egg sucking woolly bugger and headed up to the next run. I manage to make it through the full length with out losing my fly. No luck fish wise either.


Not sure but did I mention that it was a Beautiful day, no! really it was a beautiful day.


Now I did see something that kind of intrigued me. I notice a young couple come out onto the far shore. It looked kind of odd as he was carrying just the fly rod and she was wearing the vest. Figure that was kind of odd or for him maybe great I guess. Neither had waders or boots on. He starts out to cross the river and damed if she doesn't trot right behind him. Got thinking that sure is tough or pretty dumb. The young lady got about half way across when I hear her say that her legs were numb he never looked back just kept going. They finally gets out on the other side and they head up stream. Never saw them again. I just shuck my head. I love wet wading but not at the high 40 degrees.


I fished for another bit decide to sit down and have a snack then broke down and decided to switch to nymph fishing. I went to a Whitlock squirrel nymph tied on a Klinkhamer hook. and a evil weevil type for the dropper. I strained the run in front of me with no luck.


So I headed up stream to the next spot. This one was a spot where the river kind of split and created a decent pool with an old stump in it. I flipped the line out and let it drift out around the stump and just as the fly was drifting out the back end of the pool whack fish on. It didn't last long and it spit the hook back at me. Dang didn't even get to see what it was and not even sure which fly it took. I strained the pool but couldn't entice another fish. I did switch the dropper fly because I noticed that the one I had on was bent.


I sure was feeling better what more could one ask for I remembered my net this time and now fish on. I was way ahead to the game this time out.


So I headed up to the next pool. This one was a bit of a challenge but thought what the hay it was a fabulous day. Whats the worst that could happen lose more flies. Not to worry I had 9 boxes. There was lots of wood in the pool and it was wide but short because of a log jam. It was shallow then dropped over a lip into the pool. The major flow was up against the far bank then another flow was on same side as me. I walked out so I was standing in between both flows. I cast several time along the seam of the major flow but nothing. I then let a couple drift down the lesser flow on my side nothing gain.Believe it or not I had manage not to loose a fly yet.


The last place was right in front of me so I tossed my fly up stream and let it drift past me and drop over the drop off When Wham the indicator disappears I tighten the line dame Canadiana again when all of a sudden Canandiana started shaking it's head. Holly crap I got a fish on. I tightens up and up goes the rod tip. Then I remember the many discussion I've had with my fishing buddies rod tip to the side put more pressure on the fish. I says Den get that rod tip down and play this smart. Then I come to the conclusion that this is no dinky fish I have on, He is scrapping pretty good and using the fast water really good. Then I finally see flashes of sliver and then I finally get to see the fish. Wow not bad but still really couldn't till if it was a Rocky or Brown. After another couple of minutes I finally get to hand a very nice health Brown. Man what a beauty. He was a good 17 to 18 inches with a hooked jaw. (Dan Sorry No Pictures) I very gently put him back in the water and watch him swim away. I notice that I had hooked him on the Squirrel nymph that also was a first.


Man did I mention it was a really beautiful day.


I almost decided to go home right there and then but decided against it and went further up stream. Stopped along the way and finished off the sandwiches that my Daughter had so nicely made for me the night before. Bless her sole. Each sandwich must of weigh a pound each. If I would have realized that I would have eaten them before I headed out and the pack would have been 3lbs lighter. One can not look a gift horse in the mouth I guess.


Once done I headed up stream again. I came up on another very nice looking pool. I flipped the line out into the far seam and let the fly drift down and wham down goes the strike indicator and yes fish on again. It puts up pretty good scarp but not as good as the Brown. I finally gets it to hand. I very nice 13in. Rocky I figure not bad for this water. I slip it back into the water and did a couple more cast and wham again fish on. Again another Rocky this one was about 12in. Again not to bad. I also caught these on the Squirrel Nymph. That was the fly of choice for the day.


That was about it Wow did I mention that this was a beautiful day. I had such a big smile on my face that you would have thought my throat was cut from ear to ear.

I figures it couldn't get better. It was close to 3pm and it was going to take a bit to get back to the car. So I decided it was time to head back. Heading back I touch on a couple of spots again but no more luck. Got back to the car packed up and was off.


Come to several conclusion this day. First off yes the Clearwater has some nice Browns, that was my first out this River. Next and the most is how much I like my Loomis 6wt rod. Not sure why I have not notice this before. My next rod just might have to be a GLoomis.


It was a beautiful day.


Dennis S

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I have to agree with you Dennis the Gloomis is a very fine rod .

Good story by the way , and for the young " Couple " well they were

all wet anyway .

I fished " Whitemuns Creek in Ontario year's ago and walk up to " Two young

Lady's " sun tanning in the " Raw " what a fine catch this was .

My " English buddy " that was fishing with me was on the otherside of the

creek , looking over at two "beautiful " girl's in the " Raw " chatting it up with

FlyRod . Well he attempted to cross the creek which was not good planning on

His part , boom down he went " Camera " and all , he made quite the splash .

Hey did I tell you it was a " Beautiful Day " .

FlyRod .

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