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April 29 Session: Club Highlights


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Highlights from Jim/Ken session: (full presentation can be downloaded here)


Summary of 2014 Activities

  • Carried out 4th year of volunteer angling in the UPR
  • Carried out 4th year of water temperature monitoring
  • Coordinated NLFT/TU sampling with survey in UPR carried out by fisheries staff from ESRD/Edson
  • Tabulated/entered angling results into FWMIS data bank
  • Carried out PIT tagging of adult grayling
  • Provided water temperature data to NAIT Env. Sc. students
  • Carried out 1st year of Stream Crossing Assessment survey
  • A survey on Rat Creek to assess winter flow/dissolved oxygen
  • Recorded Stream Turbidity (water clarity) in the project area
  • Maintained Conservation Signage installed in 2013
  • Recorded location/dates of Water Abstraction at stream crossings

Some Highlights

  • Still finding decent Grayling populations in Dismal and Rat Creek – Bigger fish on Dismal
  • The Stream Crossing Assessment work led to repairs to 2 bridges by DeeThree exploration
  • Major deliverable for 2015 will be a consolidated report of all our findings
  • Angling study will proceed with emphasis on re-capture of fish that were previously PIT tagged
  • Alberta Conservation Association has provided over $20,000 grant funding for this year.
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Thanks Ken. Great job ,Well done and a Big Thank You for all the work You have done on this project ( and nice picture at the end of the report !!!! ) Looking forward to this years Grayling survey.....


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