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April 29 Meeting


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Thanks to everyone for participating in the Arctic Grayling report meeting on Wednesday night. There were about 50 people in attendance, one of our biggest meetings in a long time.


There were three presentations that were made on Wednesday


Jim and Ken shared results from year four of the project activities. The presentation materials need a bit of tuning and will be posted shortly.


Melissa, Chanelle, Tamara, Sarah and Mark are students from NAIT in the Biological Sciences program. They analyzed information from our data loggers, and presented a report titled 'Thermal Suitability for Arctic Grayling in the Pembina River Watershed'.


Ryan, Mike and Paulette are fisheries biologists from ESRD in Edson. They shared some of the findings from a major study in the Pembina River watershed over the past summer.



Overall, there was a lot of interest in the project, and lots of support to carry on with year five. More details about future activities will be coming soon!



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Jim and I and subsequent meetings at ESRD offices in Edson on Friday. Both teams are very excited about the prospects for next year. More details will be coming soon.


We hope to get out early in the season with an initial angling focus on Dismal Creek. Here is a quick excerpt from discussions:


Tagging - Tag as many ARGR in Dismal Creek as possible in 2015 (intensive effort in early spring (ESRD/NLFT) and various efforts throughout the summer (NLFT))

Recaps - PIT tag readers to document tagged fish throughout the summer (both U/S and D/S of the log jam, near- and far-field) and intensive effort in D/S Dismal in early fall (ESRD (NLFT, if interested)) to assess movement of ARGR downstream to the Pembina

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