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First Trip Of The Year


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Finally got out for the first time this year. Actually I fibbed a bit. I actually attempted to go Sat but I stopped for gas first and it was so windy and cold I decided to go back home and tied flies instead.


Got up Sunday to a beautiful day. Since the vehicle was packed already just jumped in and met my buddies for our usual Sunday coffee. We managed to save the world on a couple of fronts.


I left at about 9:30. Pulled into the parking area at about 12ish. Everything looked fantastic. Beautiful day and the river was gin clear, and didn't seem to be a lot of fisherman around.


I was kind of scared because I have had a bout of old timers of late so I wasn't sure what I was going to remember or forget. So I figured I should take things slow and easy and proceed in an organized manner. However organized I can be.


I figured maybe the easy thing first Waders and Boots. Since I've lost all that weight I didn't need to baby powder myself up or put on the old nylons (Sorry Rocky rest in peace). so I could slip into the wader easier. The wader and boots went on pretty easy so I figure the day was good so far.


Did I mention it was a beautiful day.


I figured that went well so I rummage into my big bag of stuff and found the wading belt & wading staff & bear knife. I gets that on figure things is good.


Okay so far no old timers I think. Whats next. Vest, this could be the best part. I got one of those new fangled vests from Dan half & half, vest and backpack.

Thank God I didn't go fishing Sat because I actually had time to do a bit of organizing so I had to do a quick double check to make sure I had my tippet material and lots of split shot because I figured I was going to need a bit of that this day. Did I mention that it was sure a Beautiful day. Man was it nice.

So far so good.


Man I thinking to myself all is good haven't forgotten what to do so far. Now it's getting down to the brass tacks. Time to string up the rod I figure not much to go wrong with putting the rod together since it was a 2 piece not to hard to mix up the sections. Decided that I would use my 9ft 6wt Loomis grabed my system 2 reel and know I had to start using the old head here do I reel left hand or right handed (Old timers don't get me now) Yep I reel with the left hand so reel goes on this way. Got it.


I decides that I would put on the full sink line figuring I would streamer fish up and nymph back so I start to line up making double sure that I didn't miss an eye. I actually manage to get it perfect the first try. Looks like hand eye coordination was still okay. Still no Old Timers . On to the next step putting on an extra bit of tippet material. I need to do a triple surgeons knot I zipped through that like it was only yesterday that I had done the last one. I figure great no old timers for this guy.


Now here comes the hard part deciding on the fly. So back to the bag with the stuff in it. There lying in front of me was about a doz. different boxes to choose from. I claw my way through and find one that has a bunch of streamers in it and pick out a nice white Zonker/Clouser cross and tie this baby on deciding on a Clinch Knot since my fishing buddies have proved that it is just as strong as the improved Clinch and there is less to remember to tie it. Big bonus for us guys what suffer from old times on a regular bases. I think I had everything I needed.


Can't remember did I mention that it was a beautiful day. Man was it a beautiful day.


So I figure I best do a double check since this is the first trip of the year. I goes through the vest I have the license, water, flies, Yes Vince 4+ boxes mostly streamers and nymphs. Didn't figure I would be dry flying it but did take a few just in case. Sandwich, Split shot, tippet material. and last but not least strike indicators.


All in all not bad for a guy suffering from old timers. I figure I have it down almost perfect considering it's been almost a full 6month since I last did the routine.

So I lock up the car and off to the waters edge.


I gets thinking man is it a beautiful day to be out here what more can a man ask for other than to catch a fish. Gin clear water, mountains out front of you and hardly a sole around. So I play out some line and start to casting and shock the hell right out of myself I can remember how to cast and even duck when that streamer goes whizzing by my ear. I will honestly say on this day I never once beaned myself with a fly. I didn't miss a stroke on my chuck & duck rhythm all day. No black & blue lumps on the back of the head.


Strained the water at the first whole but no luck so off up stream I head. I got up around a bend or two and gets thinking I should maybe check to see what kind of insect life there is. I went to reach for my landing net and dame I left it back at the car.

I figure I didn't do so bad, out of the whole day I forgets my landing net. I should of taken a clue from it because the day ended up being fishless


Did I mention it was a beautiful day.


All kidding aside it was a beautiful day to be out fishing. Dan thank you for the leg work on getting the vest. It worked like a charm.

Even though it as a fishless day it was great to be out and to enjoy the beautiful country that is Alberta.


Sorry no pictures. forgot the camera Dame Old Timers


Everyone I wish you all a great new year of fishing and

Oh did I mention it was a beautiful day.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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I think you forgot to tell us if it was a beautiful day or not. Your day on the water sounded real good and I'm pleased to hear that you did not report any kind of dunking, broken rod, lost reel, split fly line or any serious damage to your car. Well done.



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I just couldn't remember if I had mention it was a beautiful day or not.


I'm glad nothing to serious t happen either. The river was so low not a problem crossing. I did check the water temp a balmy 49degrees just about warm enough to wet wade.


Did I mention that it was a beautiful day or not. Dame Old Timers of mine.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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