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Iron Bow Shop Stolen Equipment; Be On The Lookout


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Hi guys:Just thought I'd pass this along. I've copied and pasted (with permission) from another board. Mike Day is the owner of Iron Bow Flyfishing fly shop in Calgary. His place has been broken into a couple of times in one month. Please help support a local business by getting the word out, just to put it on the radar in case a few of you notice some of the items on Kijiji or if you happen to check out the occasional pawn shop.Here is the original message:"Over the past 3 weeks Iron Bow Fly Shop has been broken into 2 times, the first was Jan 5th and again last night Jan 26th. Please if anyone has any information on this please contact Iron Bow Fly Shop or the Calgary Police Service. The first time the crackheads (video footage) took Sage, Scott and Redington rods and last night they came back for reels. They have stolen over $50,000 dollars (wholesale) worth of equipment and have to be selling it somewhere, so if you see rods with no tubes, or missing rod tips, Sage, Lamson, Nautilus, 3-Tand reels for sale, please contact us."Like I said, just wanted to spread the word and get as many people as possible keeping an eye out for the stolen goods.Mike SmithEdmonton

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