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Hans Van Klinken - Presentation.


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A unique opportunity has come up for a Special Fly Tying Seminar with Hans Von Klinken who is the developer if the Klinkhammer style of fly and hooks. He will be in town and has agreed to provide us with an evening session and workshop. The event will be held on January 26th at 7:00pm at the Ogilvie Community Center at 951 Ogilvie Blvd NW. Many of us have used Klinkhammer hooks to tie emerger and dry fly patterns that seem to be very productive. This is an opportunity to learn from an expert how to tie and fish these flies.

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We had a great time last night heard about some new very interesting fishing spots. Hans tied the Klinkhamer and explained the reasoning in the materials he used and the way they were tied on the hook. He also explained the design of the Klinkhamer hook. Learnt about some new trout speices and also learnt about the fresh water bonefish.

Hans is a very down to earth man and was a pleasure to be able to meeting him and talk to him.

Waiting for his first book coming out with any luck next year


Thank you to Gary for giving us the opportunity Have Hans out. Maybe with any luck we will be able to have him out again for a longer time.


Hans again thank you so much for coming out and showing us some of what Europe has to offer along with what the Fly shops are like in Europe compared to what we have in Alberta as a general.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Right on Denis, it was a great evening, I was really impressed with Han’s P. P. presentations on his European (Norway, Bosnia, etc,) and Northern Canada fishing expeditions with his first hand descriptions/situations of what was happening at the time of the fishing and photography, etc. Really impressed with the size of those grayling in northern waters. The tying demos were excellent and made me rethink about how I will tie in the future. To spend 3 ½ hours of quality information sharing with us was very gracious of him. Yes, thanks to Gary for his input in bringing Hans to Alberta.

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Thank you. The great thing about all of this is that I have a new friend that thinks very much like me on many subjects. We took the words out of each others mouths over the week on many occasions. It has been a great experience and has opened countless doors by helping and volunteering to do things such as this. Our paths have now become entwined and a great mutual respect was developed. Our plans together has us crossing paths often and in many ways. I look forward to the many things Hans and I discussed in our future. Thank you to everyone for attending and enjoying the evening with a good soul and fisherman.

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