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Great 2015 Seminar


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Another Jan. seminar has come and gone. It sure was a great show. Both Ed and Phil presented some very good informative programs. I learned several great tips from both Phil & Ed.


How many of you rushed home and tied up some of Ed's tinny flies. I must confess I did manage to do one of his BWO patterns size 22. NO dennisizing.


I'm sure there will be a few fly fishers trolling on the dark side after Phil's talk on leaders and non stretch materials.


All in All a great show. A big thanks to both Ed and Phil


and a really big thank you to you that showed up because with out you there wouldn't be a show.


We have already got 1/2 the show booked for next Jan tentatively Jan 16, 17/2016


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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...yes, it was a fantastic weekend...I was one of the crazies that went home and tied a small fly, an even dozen to be exact, size 24 because I could not find the size 20's...


...many new and interesting topics to absorb...now to incorporate them into this years fish outings...Phil and Ed did a fantastic job in their presentations, worth every penny and then some...

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