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Couldn't find no tasty water


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Well - firefly and I hit Cardiff, Hasse, Muir, and NSR


Cardiff: Firefly 2, Scratch NIL

Hasse: Scratch 1, Firefly NIL

Muir: Scratch NIL, Firefly NIL, Unless you count netting the cell phone he dropped off the dock.

NSR: Nada. Nil. Ziltch - Zip.


Serves us right for trying to spend a day shore fishing.


Shoulda neoprened it up and fished Muir...

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Yep, ya'll shoulda gone floatin'

The Prez and I managed to catch quite a few on Thursday, at least before we broke off to help Tim et al with the dock move. Best action was about 5 pm when the wind died.

Used a backswimmer pattern Dennis had that was black foam over holographic white dubbing with streatch floss legs. Big suckers too, size 10. Also a few on size 10 GG and Llama leech.

i'm busy tonight doin' my best to tie up a few similar ones in the hope I can get out there again soon.

Dave R.

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