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Original " Doc Spratley "


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I looked up the " Doc Spratley " and found some History on the Old Fly .

This pattern , was named after Dr.Donald A. Spratley of Mt . Vernon , Washington , is one of

most effective pattern's in BC & Alta. Mrs. Dorothy Prankard Schacht of Mt. Vernon said her

husband , the late " Dick Prankard , Originated the pattern about 1949 She said he called it

" The Doc Spratley " because the Doctor walk in to the store .

Cool Ha !

Original " Doc Spartley " tied by FlyRod .

Hook - Mustad 9672- 3X long.

Thread - Uni 6/0 Black .

Tail - Guinea Fowl - ( Sub - Cree Grizzly Hackle )

Body - Black wool - ( Sub - lure Flash )

Rib - Small Sliver Tinsel

Leg's - same as Tail .

Wing - Natural Pheasant Tail

Head - 6 Stands of Pea Cock herl


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It was patterned after the large chironomids found in

Hihume Lake. After his retirement, the good Doctor spent

his summers fishing the BC Interior Lakes, a favorite being

Janice Lake. Doc Spratley passed away in 1968 but his

legacy continues to be enjoyed by fly fishers worldwide.

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Yes , the old " Traditional Patterns " are still some of my favorite

for tying and fishing , because they work .

I just wish that I could still walk in to a fly shop and sit one

on one and share the art of the magic that came from the bench .

So Pierre have you fished these fine " lakes " your speaking of ?

I love sharing any history of the Art ,

FlyRod .

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Hi Rod and Pierre,

I want to chip in and say that Aurora Lakes where I have fished for perhaps 50 years is right next door to Janice lake(We always called it Rock Island Lake) which Pierre mentions. The Dr Sprately was always the go-to fly. Being #1 for fifty years says a lot for the popularity of the "Doc".


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Thank You Neil , because if you remember when I was at your place swapping some " Fly's "

and Info. You open your wet fly box and showed me your version of the " Doc Spratley "

and some of the other classic's that you put in my hand that day .

Let me tell ya , I just don't put them in the box when I get home . I take time to look

at each pattern and pulling out the material's to match your " Traditional style"

From tail to the eye and everything in between down to the hook & size of the fly .

For any of you that have not talk to or met " Neil ", I would have to say he welcomes

you with his taste of knowledge and Experience . As I said be for sitting one on one

is the best of all and looking around his wall's tells it all.

This Spring and Summer I hope to make my way in to " The Aurora Lake's "


Fishing with Neil " Spring of 2014 " FlyRod .

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