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We have to put away the casting platforms - before more ill befalls them. The planned day is Thursday (Sept 16) and many hands will make light work. We will start about 6pm and it should only take about 30 min to load them on a truck and take them to our storage that is on the other side of the lake.


Any help would be appreciated if you have a pickup that we could place a few in then it would cut down on the number of trips.





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Thanks for the Help!


Dennis, Dave, Arnie and someone who just joined NL but I forgot his name (and he even brought a truck) came in and we got the job done in about 30 min. Everyone who stayed and fished had a great time.


Thanks again.





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Also just a thanks for the ones that showed up to help :clap: :clap: . As Tim stated it only took about a 1/2hr to pile them on the trucks and get them unloaded.


Dave R & myself were there fishing had a great day on back swimmers :kicks::thumbup::kicks: . We must have boated at least a doz apiece :clap::clap: . Ranging from about 11in. to close to 18in. :thumbup: Dave caught the biggest at about 18in. . Everyone of them put up a real fight. Next yr theirs going to be fish taking you into your backing. The fishing slowed down after 6:30 only because they switched off backswimmers and keyed on something else close to the surface (we couldn't figure out what but the fish were going nuts on it) :(:( I managed a couple on my llama leech but they wouldn't look at a backswimmer any longer.


Thanks Dave for coming out with me. Great time must do again.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S. :fishing::fishing:


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