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Provincial Fisheries Regulations Revision- Stakeholder Consultation


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As a stakeholder in provincial fisheries regulations, we received an invitation to participate in a survey about upcoming changes.

Each member may take the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fisheriesregs



Dear Stakeholder,
Re: Provincial Fisheries Regulations Revision- Stakeholder Consultation
You are receiving this letter as an invitation to participate in a stakeholder consultation to seek input for
consideration in the revision of the General Fisheries (Alberta) Regulation (1997) and the Fisheries
(Ministerial) Regulation (1997). The fisheries regulations support the Fisheries (Alberta) Act in managing
Alberta's fisheries. These regulations encompass a diverse array of subject areas, affecting many of our
province’s stakeholders. The current fisheries regulations expire on 31 October 2015. Your feedback is
important in helping to amend the in-scope sections of these regulations and to help us balance the
preferences of Albertan's with the future of our fisheries.


The Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch of Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development have
contracted Stantec Consulting Ltd to conduct an online stakeholder engagement initiative. There are
two opportunities to provide your feedback until 31 December 2014:


Firstly, we invite you to complete our confidential public survey which is at the following URL (you may
exit the survey and then return to where you left off by clicking this link each time):


Secondly, you are invited to participate in further discussion around certain regulatory topics at our
MindMixer website which can be found at:

Please disseminate this invitation widely amongst your members and affiliates.

All sections of the fisheries regulations are in scope for review and consultation except for the following,
which are out-of-scope:

  • Sections specific to commercial fishing (Sections 20, 21, 53 and Schedule 1 for General Fisheries (Alberta) Regulation and Schedule 1 Items 2(a), (B) and © of the Fisheries (Ministerial) Regulation.
  • Quotas, tolerances, zoning and gear restrictions for domestically and commercially fished waters.
  • Routine changes to the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations which includes water specific catch limits, size restrictions, use of bait and season for sport fish species.

If you have any queries please send them to Brian Joubert:
Edmonton, AB
T5K 2L6

Email: reg.fisheries@stantec.com
Tel: (780) 917-8161


Thank you for contributions to the future of fisheries management in Alberta.

Yours Sincerely


Travis Ripley
Executive Director
Fish and Wildlife Policy Branch
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development


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Would encourage as many members as possible to complete these surveys. May impact such things as whether we get tiger trout stocked somewhere, whether ESRD actually does something meaningful re the perching of trout lakes, degree of protection put in place against invasive species, number and type of competitive fishing events permitted and much more.


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Just completed the survey. I'd like to point out that the above link to the survey site did not work for me. Had to google the site and then proceeded to take the survey. Looks like the "dot, dot dot,"following the word "surveymo"stopped the link from working.



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