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Important Business Meeting & Material Sales


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This business meeting is going to have just a bit of change as we have several important topics that needs club imput



Very brief committee report


Beginner Program




1) Name change


2) Amount of meetings per month


3) Sportsman Show Casting Pond


4) Attendance ??????????




We have been ask to help liquidate a fly shop where the owner passed away and his wife just wants to get rid of the inventor. All monies will be going to the Widow. This stuff has already been presented to Hook & Hackle in Calgary we are next on the list to help. There is tons of stuff still left at very very good prices. In a couple of weeks we will bring in Rods, reels and equipment again at cut rate pricing.

This is the time to restock on materials tools or that 8 or 9wt Pike rod you were looking to pick up

Again I stress that all monies will go to the widow not to the club or any other club.


If anyone has questions please PM me


Dennis Southwick





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I've not missed our recent meetings so I'm a bit confused over your business agenda item number 1 which calls for a discussion on a name change for the club. This is the first I've heard and am wondering if this is something that the executive have discussed but have not brought forward in previous monthly business meetings. An outline of why we would consider a name change would be appreciated in advance of the meeting.



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Vince this has been an on going discussion with the executive for a while. All this is is a discussion, just to get thoughts and feelings of the membership at large on this subject. The executive is thinking that Fly Tyers is to specific(we are not just flytyers) the Exec. thinks we need something that takes in flyfishing as a whole.

Also if we decide to do a name change it needs to be put forward no later than Dec business meeting according to our Constitution.


I hope that helps a bit.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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