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Raffle At Fly Fishing Film Tour


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The Fishin' Hole is provide some prizes (including a Sage rod and reel) for us to raffle off in a bucket draw at the Fly Fishing Film Tour on Tuesday, Nov 4th at YukYuks, Century Casino 13103 Fort Road. Proceeds all go to our Lloyd Shea Conservation fund. However, to my knowledge we have no one who has volunteered to sell the tickets at the event, arrange for the winner to be drawn, and record the names and phone #s of the winners. We need someone to step forward and he or she will get to see the film tour for free. Raffle tickets are already purchased and the license will be obtained as soon as I have a volunteer to run the raffle. Not sure where the buckets are but I'll track them down or buy some more.

So please consider helping us add some significant dollars to our Conservation fund.



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I got a request today from Kevin at The Fishin Hole for a couple more volunteers.

Can anyone help with this?


In addition I have a second showing going on for persons under 16. It is in one of the smaller alternate venues located at the casino. Do you think that your club would be able to come up with 2 members to run this film and talk to the youth?


There are 5 youth ages 16 that are all avid fly fisherman, but are not members of your club. I would intend to start their showing 30 minutes earlier.

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