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Hey guys!


I need your help! I am student at the University of Lethbridge and our Environmental Science class in trying to determine the distribution of a small crayfish, Orconectes virilis, throughout Alberta for a term project.


Orconectes virilis would look quite similar to a small lobster but can be easily identified by their bright blue chelipeds (pincers). These crayfish can grow up to 12 cm long and are most active at night! I have attached a picture for easy reference :)


If you believe you have seen one of these (or even just their blue pincer exoskeletons) in your favorite fishing spot, I would love it if you could comment and answer a few quick questions such as the approximate date and location of your sighting!


Thanks in advance!

Erin W.


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I have come across them on the NSR in various locations. The Science Park, Outlet below Whitemud Bridge on the North Bank. Whitemud Creek, Riverbend. The Beaver River at Cold Lake, Amisk Lake.

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