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Hi all, so tell me the truth about nets.... Has any one used and what's you opinion on rubber nets. Be honest and don't hold anything back. I really want your opinions and soon .

I will be putting in an order in , I need a new net and I know of a couple of other fellows who are interested , prices to be determined with MQO. Looking at a catch and release net , with burl handle . If not a rubber net than a mesh net ( the mesh are a bit deeper ). In the $20.00 to $40.00 range . they do have cheaper ones if we want to go that way.......

Please get back to me ASAP.....

Thanks Dan

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Hi Dan,

I had a rubber net for a long time and loved it. It had about 4" of droop, an 18" diameter and a telescopic handle. I liked it because your fly didn't get caught up in the twine; the rubber was very elastic and self adjusted to the size of the fish; the wide rim could handle any size fish and the telescopic handle had a locking pin. The ruibber finally got hard but I'm think the new material might not do that.



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I have had both, all wood handles. The mesh net is light, easy to pack as the mesh is not ridged, however once the mesh is wet it will not dry ( unless you don't catch fish) and if visited lots might start to smell like fish requiring a soapy bath. Barbless or not flies would always find a way to get caught and tangled in the mesh after a release.

The rubber net will not smell like fish or stay wet after landing a fish, flies are easy to pick out of the rubber however the rubber mesh ( if heavy) will not pack as nicely as a mesh counterpart and has added weight that could bother your neck/ shoulders if on a quick release.

All in, I would fish a rubber net for both wade and boat fishing. Benefits out weigh the cons.

Good luck on the purchase!!

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Dan, I replaced a C&R mesh net with a clear rubber model a couple of years ago. The only advantage of the mesh (very fine) is you could grab a fish through the mesh and get a better handle on it without squeezing too hard. The rubber is too slippery when wet for that. Otherwise, I like not getting hooks tangled in it.



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