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Okay people we are down to the crunch time for the Cabela's weekends. To date we have no one volunteering to help. We need at least 3 people per day for this weekend and next weekend. This weekend the North Store & Next weekend the South Store. from 9:30am to 3 or 4pm. Cabela's will feed us and we will get the empolyee discount for those days.

We will do basically tying with the public and we can talk up the club. Or you can replentish the flies you have lost so far this summer.

We can get away with possibly 2 people per day but the tying with the public may be limited.


I can work both Sat & Sun this weekend but not next weekend so we would need 2more for this weekend or at least 1 more to make it work.

Then 3 for next weekend or at least 2


Please PM me today or tomorrow


Also SuperFly is looking for at least 1 to help them out at the South Side store for just this weekend if at all possible.


hope to hear form you.



Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Just want to thank both Dan and Brendan for the help on the weekend. We had a pretty good time. Wasn't to busy Talk to a few people help a few and a a few to tie with.


We all manage to catch up on a few of our missing patterns of summer. Brendan worked on a couple of Wulff patterns Dan was doing BWO and I did up Fat Alberts.


I was by myself on Sunday and it was a bit busier but manage to make it through the day. I worked on a Tenkara pattern for most of the day.


Again thank you Guys


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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