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Dismal Creek Report: July 20


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Dismal Creek was fantastic on Sunday. We fished one of the lower sections. Despite some threatening weather and a mixed forecast, we had only a few minutes of rain all day with a mix of sun and cloud. The water in Dismal was cool, only 17 degrees. It nearly crystal clear, with excellent visibility to the bottom in most spots. We landed several Grayling, with three in the 34cm - 37cm range. Fly of the day was the stimulator - when a dropper was used, the nymph was largely ignored.






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Ken some very nice pictures there. Glad to hear the water temp is still down. Karen sure looks happy. Also nice to hear the stimi's are starting to work. Hoppers are starting to grow up.


i will be off for a bit but once I get back I will get out onto Rat Cr a couple of times.



Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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Positive reports such as this give us hope that we can maintain, and hopefully restore, the grayling fishery in this unique stream. Based on historic field data and angler reports from the past Dismal Creek supported an excellent sport fishery (with high catch rates) back in the 1980's. With the continued support of our volunteers maybe we can turn the clock back. Rat Creek also provided a high quality grayling fishery, with the possibility of catching large fish due to faster growth rates. We may have an opportunity to conserve/restore this muskeg dominated brown-water stream as well as Dismal Creek which drains the foothills. Keep up the great work volunteers! In combination with the ESRD/Edson sampling program currently underway on Upper Pembina River streams we are part of a unique conservation project.


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