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Fished Dismal


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Hey , we did fish the stream , it was a bit high and coloured. We started out in a light rain . Brendan , Paul and I bush wacked as a group and Ken ( sorry guys I forgot your names ) fished together , probably bush wacked as well. Our group hit up stream of the wolf lake bridge and came down stream . With the higher water and 2 ft visibility wading was tough. Catching did not happen in this stretch and couldn't find any obvious pools.

We then drove on greasy roads to the confluence , surprisingly the water clarity was very good here, but again water levels high.

The pool where we caught fish last fall and Ken did the video is gone. Brendan showed Paul where the fish were and Paul pulled out a whitey.

The so called thunder showers turned into sunshine, we dried up , the skeeters were bad,,,,,,No one went for a swim , good thing , and that's the rest of the story,

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Trent, Al and I fished an area above the logjam. It was high and colored where we were too. It rained quite a bit of the day. We started out from a well site near the clearing on Elk River road and approached the creek from the south. Although it was easy to see across the clearing, there was a lot of tall grass and deadfall. We covered 800m to the creek in about 25 minutes. The last bit down to the creek was toughest. We had our first grayling on within 5 minutes of starting to fish, but it was only 21cm. No tagging at this site. We fished our way about 3 km downstream to the logjam through several nice looking pools and riffles. The visibility wasn't good, and we didn't catch any more fish. We saw a few rises just above the logjam, but no others through the day. Walking back upstream was tough, so we decided to scale ridge and try to find a cut-line back to the road. The hill was very tough, but the walk out to the road and back to the car was pretty easy. Our track for the day was 8km, about half of this was on the water. Final tally: only one grayling we caught in the first 5 minutes.

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...after seeing how high the water was and off-colored, we decided not to go all the way to area DC-13, it would have been very difficult to navigate and we would have not been able to fish the honey hole due to the higher level of water......here are some pictures from Saturday...







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...after fishing this area, we decided to head down to where dismal flows into the Pembina, area DC-01...the river changed again, last year where the deep pool was located in the Pembina is now no longer as you can see by Dan wading in that area...here are some pictures of this area...





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Wow , you guys did walk a lot, guess that's what happens when your high and colored,,,,,,, :coffeetime:So , Ken what color were you?

Nice Dan. I had to read this again to figure out what you were referring to. `` It was high and colored where we were too.`` not `` I was high and colored where we were too.``

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