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June 18 Graying Update


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Here are some answers to common questions:
I didn't make it to the meeting, can I still participate?
  • Yes, I have a list of anglers who expressed interest. I can still match you up with a partner/team, or your can do it on the forum. Please reply to this message with any requests. There are still sites that can be assigned.
I couldn't make it out on June 14, when is the next trip?
  • There is no next formal trip planned. Many teams have already been assigned and are working out compatible times.
I can't get in contact my partner, can I go with someone else?
  • Of course. I suggest that you post the dates that you would like to go in the Grayling Forum on our website. This would be a good way to make up groups.
How do I sign up for angling with the ESRD staff in Edson?
  • ESRD would like some of us to tag along as part of their field study. Please reply to this email with your availability, and I will forward the list to ESRD.
How do I get maps or other field kit supplies?
  • Reply to me and we'll work something out.
Can I make a second or third trip?
  • Yes. Find a partner (or I'll try to help you) and I'll assign more sites.
Can I get a PIT tag scanner to bring on my trip?
  • Yes. I've ordered some more. Give me a few days notice, and we'll arrange to pass one to you.
Should I turn off the GPS when I arrive at the site?
  • No. Please leave it turned on and keep it in your pocket while angling. The tracks will be saved and we can put the tracks on a map to see how far you went. Here is a link to an example of what can be done.
Happy Angling!
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