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First Freem Trip


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Well manage to make it out to the Freeman yesterday. Was not my best day but wasn't my worsted. Fish were caught. Nothing very big. Water was very high, wading was a problem on those slimmy slippery rocks it made it real work. For every step forward you would slide down stream a fraction at the same time. Manage to go for a forced swim once. :eek: Yes at this time of year he water is dang cold. thank god for my wader belt. Got a few wet fly boxes but got them out when I got home and dried them out.

It was a real mixed bag of flies that fish were caught on. Set up on a Hopper dropper system to start. The first cast in and had a fish on a size 10 black Fat Albert. Fish spit it out at me a few seconds later. Next cast fish on size 18 prince nymph landed that guy small. Had lots of fish look at the Fat Albert look at it afterwards but no takes. By the end of the day I caught several on my Llama leech(likely caught most on this dead drifting it not striping it) caught a few on an adams and the biggest was caught on my Black Widow Soft Hackle. It was great to be out but until the water goes down some I won't go again. Likely wait until Aug some time.

Got home about 7ish pm.

Started doing up some Green Drakes and tonight will do some elk hair caddis a bit low on both. Hope to get out to Stauffer in the next day or so. Interested let me know.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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Glad to hear you didn't get too wet. I plan to get out to the Freeman this year, and am going to make a serious effort to actually do it. I have tried to head out that way in the past few years, but work seems to always ruin my plans. I'll have to pick your brain about spots.

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