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Grayling Around The Log Jam June 14


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We had 11 volunteers out angling on Saturday, plus another crew of hree who were out deploying temperature probes.

The water conditions were great, except for some showers in the afternoon. Some folks were exposed to showers - others to baths (the bathers were Karen H and John M).


4 folks started at the logjam and went upstream, 4 went downstream from the logjam and 3 more started further downstream on Dismal Creek.

  • 9 Grayling were PIT tagged, many of them 36cm.
  • 6 more were landed under the 25cm size limit for tagging.
  • Several more were hooked, but not landed (must be early season rustiness).
  • 5 Mountain Whitefish, biggest was 41cm

Above the logjam, Grayling were rising to dry flies (naturals), and were mostly caught with Caddis patterns.

Below the logjam, there were no observations of fish rising, but they were taking nymph patterns such as Prince Nymph.


Another group went out separately and recorded 4 more grayling.

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...actually Dan made it look easy...too easy...I struggled getting across, had to find a stick to help balance things out...the log jam is the first one I have seen this bad, although water still gets through, I am not too sure that the fish see the same picture...keep a look out, we have a clave planned in the area in the future, will post soon...or should I say the clave master (Dan) will post soon...we usually like to take an extra day (Friday) with the weekend...

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Thanks for posting the pictures...the smiles on the faces says it all, nuff said...the pit tagging at first go was a challenge, but after a few fish, it sure got easier...but I didn't know that every time one turns on the unit, it rains, go figure...it sure was a fun day and had a terrific time sharing it with everyone...I am sure looking forward to the next group outing, maybe it will be a weekend excursion...nudge...nudge..wink...wink...

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I thought this was the video you were thinking of. Talk about Canadiana.





...kind of looks like dipper...but I never saw him play the accordion...maybe after a few bottles of pisco, the accordion playing will start...


...Ken, my apologies for the hijacking :hijacked-pirate2: of this thread...but logjams and dancing dippers seem to go hand in hand :cheers: :clap: :cheers: ...

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