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June 8 Report


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Four members from the club headed out Sunday to deploy the first batch of probes on Rat Creek, Bigoray River, Zeta Creek, and Paddy Creek. Five probes were deployed, we took water samples for turbidity tests, and we checked on our conservation signage.


We also took advantage of our Fisheries Research License and did a little angling. Four grayling were caught in a 90 minute period. I caught mine on my new Tenkara Rod.





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Great looking job of Picture's Ken , I see the Tenkara work's well .



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Had a great day on the creek today , Thanks Kevin , Paul and John, we all had fish from long line releases to 35 cm. And that folks is an Awsome day on that creek, what a hoot as our friend Vinny would say .... :clapping:

Karen ,Betty ,Harry and Ken let us go up the creek and they went down , below the jam. It was almost all dries and a couple on nymphs ( over 20 fish , 2 pools ) . Nice heathy fish we caught and taged. This is a great start to this years survey, heres hoping it continues, just poured myself a Rusty Nail.

If the water holds we may be out again soon , if not we will be out in July ..

I will post if we want to clave at this time..

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Sounds like you guy had a hoot of a time. Sounds like lots of fish below the log Jam. Max, Brenden and Myself got a bit screwed up and ended up on DC1. Must say we didn't have such a prolefic outing. I did manage 1 & 1/2, caught a Rocky about 10inch and then long armed released a grayling about the same length. I was just getting the grayling to hand and he spit the hook back at me. Both caught in the same pool and using a hopper dropper. Both caught on the dropper, a size 16 BH pheasent tail orange butt soft hackle. Did not see a rise but did see lots of Mayflies. Likely March Browns. No stoneflies seen. Great looking water didn't get as much done as we would have liked. Sky's opened up at around 3ish and still come'n down at 3:45 so

we decided to leave after getting soaked. Wasn't sure what the roads were going to be like and I had the Volkswagen not the truck.

We had a great time and looking forward to the next attempt. If things stay the same maybe try through the week this week. Maybe try and find the original spot and give it a go.


Ken thank you for organizing the outing.


See all again soon.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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