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Do I Need To Register For The Aca Event Kids Can Catch Fish June 14Th?


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Hi guys:


Great meeting everyone last night. Maybe the best thing about buying Rod's boat is that it might prod me to become more involved again. :)


I went to the ACA page to look up the details of the ACA Kids Can Catch Fish event on June 14th, 2014:




I don't have to register there online, do I? That's only for the kids / participants. Is TU / the club handing the registration for volunteers? Not sure how this works....


Also, should I coordinate with someone if the club is going to make some rods available? Would anyone like to donate some flies?


Really looking forward to this! I don't have a flyfishing club this year at a school (as a sub teacher I float around) so it will be nice to get out an introduce the sport to the young'ins... :)


Thanks in advance for help!


Mike Smith


aka "Smitty"


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Mike I believe that Peter L. is looking after making sure that Ken at ACA knows that we are sending out a couple of people. I believe Barry White is also going out so maybe touch bases with him. I'm sure he will be out to next Wed wynd up meeting.


Thank you for volunteering


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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