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Grayling Clave


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I know I haven't been out to a meeting in awhile, just started a new job and have been on the road straight time, but I would interested for sure.

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Dave I sure Dan was talking about a Grayling Survey clave out to Wolf Lk.


For sure the one scheduled for sept. on the freeman's a go even if I'm the only one there.


Dan I'm sure we can make it later aug and sept.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S

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First Annual Northern Lights Fall Grayling Clave


When: Week end of September 20 2014 (19th through 21)

Where: Freeman River Camp ground

Activities: Fishing, Fun, Fishing, Camp fire, fishing and Fishing




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The grayling survey is in tributaries of the Pembina. We are focussing mainly on Dismal Creek and Rat Creek. On Saturday June 14 , I'm am hoping to get a number of anglers out for a concentrated effort on dismal creek. We'll be talking about it at the meeting on June 11. This is 2 days before the season opens and we want to do some PIT tagging and angling based on our fisheries research license. To fish on June 14, you must have a copy of the permit. we'll have them on the 11th. Dan 's original post is asking if anyone wants to camp out that weekend.


The other date on the freeman in the fall is not related to the survey.

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