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May 30 Grayling Project Update


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Water levels have risen dramatically in the past few days. Currently the flow is over 100 cubic meters per second on the Pembina below Paddy Creek. Three days ago it was just over 40.
You can monitor the levels at this web site.
As a result of the high water, the timing of some of our events will change.
June 4
The primary and alternate dates for the information session have been reversed. The main information session will now be on June 11. If you cannot make it on June 11, we will have some kits and instructions available on June 4.
June 11
This is now the primary information night.

The information session and map/field kit distribution night will be on June 11 at 7:45, Queen Mary Park community Hall. This night is also the club's Spring Windup and Barbeque at 7 pm. Please let us know if you if you will be joining us for dinner.

June 7/8
Installation of temperature probes is rescheduled for June 7/8. We still need a couple of volunteers for June 8 who will also be available for one day late in the season to pick up the probes.
June 14
Our Fisheries Research License was approved, and we will be fishing on this weekend if water conditions permit. If you would like to start angling a few days before the season opens, this is your opportunity.
Ken and Jim
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