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Barbed/barbless Hooks


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Been pondering the "blame the Feds" for the barbless hook thing. Now, if this was real people rather than Govt, I might believe a mistake was made but I suspect that it wasn't a mistake at all but an opportunity to got back to barbed w/o meetings/consultation or any other BS. The barbed idea is certainly appealing to the bait bashers and therefore the venerable AF&G Assc.



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Interesting theory Don. Though I feel like if this was the case, they would have told the officers about it right away so they didn't have to deal with all the head-aches of contacting the violators they fined and seized gear from only to give it back and send refund cheques.


My thoughts on it anyway.

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I think you're giving too much credit for brains and planning to the bonking crowd. In my experience, they don't think that far ahead. Being a snivil serpent myself, I know how often things get overlooked in legislation, how hard it is for politicians to admit a mistake and how long it takes the lawyers to craft a correction. Have patience and keep lobbying your local MP.

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