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Trout Fishing Club Wind Up

dave robinson

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We've been invited to particiapte in the spring windup of the Edmonton Trout Fishing Club. See below:

(But for those who voluntered to help with Our Learn to Fly Fish, don't forget, it's the same day at the Lions Center)


Reminder- Special April 26th Saturday Winter Season Wrap Up Event! - We are inviting long time members, retired members, past members and current members to all come and spend the day socializing, catching up, tying flies, checking out our video, book, and DVD library, perhaps doing some planning of future trips. We often don’t get a chance to do this, and the executive thought that we would give this a try at our last Saturday event of this winter. This year we have a special guest from Lethbridge joining us, Brent Onofrychuk, owner of Silver Tip Fly Company, who will showcase his unique fly patterns. He will also be bringing some of his flies and materials for purchase so don’t forget to bring some spending money!!! Brent donated some of his products to our 2014 Auction as well. Spread the word, bring a friend (or just yourself), and join us at Queen Mary Hall, from 10 to 3 pm. Barbecue type lunch will be provided. If you’d like to get a ride to this event, please call Mark Stalford ahead of time.

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